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New Site Made Your ad Shopping

Your Ad shopping is a sister site to Shop Am and all the shopping will be redirected to your ad instead,why?Well it is a wp site better seo for the advertisers so they might get more real visitors from google search.More powerful and better.

The new ad´s cost 10$ for 4month ++ the site have around 500visitors a day and getting better every day through the power of seo.


Shop Am News 2015nov14


Like to write ?Then you can get your article right here on Shop Am in any genre you find here on site.Get your url posted to your site for free:)NO SPAM it will go to the garbage right away.

Unique content only please!Must pass copy scape 95%unique.Just mail it here through the form above.

2016 jul 23 1month ad

I am an online entrepreneur that teach, coach and educate opportunity seekers to build a ѕuссеѕѕful оnlіnе buѕіnеѕѕ.I show реорlе hоw tо mаkе mоnеу оnlіnе, even for those who are un-Tech savvy and have no clue on how to use a computer.It is an exclusive online trаіnіng and mеntоrіng with courses, webinars and live support.

Thanks Sergei

2016 jul 19 1month ad

Question? Answer. Simpler and faster. You must be exhausted from all the scrolling on your electronic device, seeking for answers. TixKey is here to help. We aren't trying to promote our business as much as make your life a little simpler, so it is fully up to you whether or not you would like to give us a visit. Besides, in addition we offer you to discuss one subject a day based on the most randomized trend. Well, that's about it, we warned you.

2016 jul 19 1month ad

#‎pokemongo‬ just launched on July 6 and is already a billion dollar app.

The next billion dollar app is launching in the fall of 2016 and the company is willing to pay you to share it. It's going to be a fun real time app that you will play live with all your favorite sports teams globally. Click here to receive your invite :)

2016 jul 7 1month ad

Everyone can sympathise with the negative Sunday night feeling knowing that you have a full working week ahead.

Technology has made it simpler than ever to make money from trading the financial markets.

The Trading Classroom was created by a group of self-employed traders who have years of Investment Banking experience, and now apply the same techniques from home at their leisure.

In the times when the financial markets are quiet we also help teach the aspiring traders of today achieve exactly the same thing!

And it get’s better. We aren’t looking to make huge profits from teaching people

Find out more about why we are doing this and the services we offer at

I think you are going to be quite excited by our prices!

2016 jul 3 1month ad

A blog about bmw car from the eyes of a true bimmer.

2016 jun 29 1month ad

Come check out the latest ebook sensation The Watertown Nightmare and much more to enjoy on my Books in the now blog site.

2016 jun 29 1month ad

Looking for quality products at great bargain prices? Quality Hot Bargains has a wide variety of unique products that you are looking for. We feature many Categories such as Consumer Electronics, Home & Garden, Sports & Entertainment. All at great bargain prices and Free Shipping On Many of our Most Popular Products that we know you will Enjoy! Visit us


2016 jun 28 1month ad

JetNsave can help you save up to 60% off the airlines published fares. We specialize in international business and first class flights. Try us out with a free no obligation quote!

2016 jun 12 ,1month ad


An Online Business Expert, Speaker, & Trainer Reveals The...


Online In 90-Days Or Less With Our System...

2016 jun 7 , 1month ad

Help Tips,Advice,Pet Supplies,Pet Insurance for anyone owning a German Shepherd or any other dog order everthing you need on one site.

2016 jun 3 , 1month ad

Welcome To The Traffic Monsoon Income Booster


Works for Traffic Monsoon, MPA, MAP! ANY Traffic Exchange!

This will work on any site you have extra, free or paid ad credits to use. Why let them sit there?

Set this up ONCE in 15 minutes and make money OVER and OVER EVERYDAY.

2016 jun 2 ,1 month ad

We've got the Label you need when you need it. Best Prices,Best Quality, Best Service.

2016 jun 1 , 1 month ad

92 Short Horror Stories

Horrors freshest voice welcomes you to '92 Short Horror Stories', There are 92 stories amounting to over 1500 pages brought to you from the darkest depths of the human psyche. Once you start reading you might not be able to stop. If you like Stephen King then yo

2016 may 16 ,1 month ad


I make Chakra Bracelets and other gemstone spiritual meditation bracelets. will custom make men's bracelets for Father's Day

2016 may 16 ,1 month ad


Luxurious Collection 2016


Keep warm this winter while not being weighed down in the summer with this All-Season Striped Down Alternative Comforter.

Go to site:

2016 may 14 ,1month ad

Uber is looking for drivers and offering UP TO $750 sign on bonus!

2016 may 11 ,1month ad


Caleb Terris


Buy or Lease beats




2016 may 11 1month ad

The Himalayan Inside your Livingroom

Name: WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal

wbm Himalayan glow hand carved natural crystal salt lamp


Cost: $34.95

Overall Rank: 99 of 100


You can brighten your room with the WBM Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp. The warm amber light from this lamp complements any space, while also activating the salt crystal to purify the air. The lamp sits on a round neem base and takes a 15-watt bulb. Each hand-carved lamp has a slightly different shape and weight.

2016 may 5th 1month ad

It’s easy to realize the importance of social media marketing today, when everybody and their mother are on Facebook or Twitter. Every business owner agrees that social media is awesome for gathering leads and gaining credibility and awareness. The hardest part, though, is to reach those people with a message so vibrant that they will want to share instantly with their peers.

2016 mar 23 1month ad

This website offers targeted mailing lists of business opportunity buyers, complete online business set-up and customization, and unlimited email advertising for under $40.00. Our url is

2016 mar 19 1month ad

Check out the debut EP From alternative Hip Hop artist Hythum and dont forget to Follow Hythum on Soundcloud and on Spotify!

2016 mar 18 1month ad

My website is an online shopping mall. It offers over 200,000 business and consumer products and cash back savings from major retail outlets. My url is You can use a screen shot and text from my site if possible. If you have any questions contact me ASAP. Thank you for you time and work.

2016 mar 2 1month ad

Learn The Astonishing Secrets To Become A PRO Investor And Dominate The Philippine Stock Market!


No Special Skills Required

No Experience Needed

No Fake Promises


2016 feb 18 1month ad

Master Cleanse Diet Program Revealed.

The Fat Loss Factor weight loss diet program is suitable for those who just don't have the time and want something that is doable practically, rather than just sounding good theoretically.

2016 feb 17 1month ad

What Can The Folks at Wealthy Affiliate Teach Us About Starting, and Running a Profitable Internet Business?

The answer to that question is EVERYTHING!

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 10 years now, and will be around for a long time to come. Check us out.

2015 dec 13 1month ad

GR8 Goodz Holiday LED Motion Sensor Solar Lights with Removable Red and Green Christmas Color Covers, Weatherproof, Wireless Exterior Security Lighting, Automatic Dusk to Dawn Sensing. (Red & Green)

2015dec 6 1month ad

Carlson Gracie Academy Of Garden Grove is a martial arts, combat sport and a self-defence system developed by Carlson Gracie in Brazil, which focuses on grappling and ground fighting. People practise BJJ for different reasons: sport grappling tournaments (Gi & No Gi), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), self-defence knowledge, fitness or weight loss

2015dec 3 1month ad

Tired of the basic life wanna travel the world here's a opportunity to experience a advance life.

Shop Am


Offer your item is a location where you can offer your item straight to the audiences of the website and resolves fiverr.When you purchase an advertisement to your item you will certainly get it put right here on this page !!


Have a amazon account?Then simply go to fiverr and do a direct advertisement here on this website and get 1k-2,5 k fiverr visitors(Bought traffic) sees a day!!


Are from individuals that purchased advertisement area from fiverr and I would be extremely grateful if you the visitor would take a glance at them and check out some websites who understands you may get some details that you most honoured visitor will certainly have terrific usage of!!! Or you might even wish to purchase advertisement area for your very own task.


shop am_advertisement_shopping




Hi I AM Tobias you can see me on the photo above the fiverr advertisement in Fiverr Shop(Through fiverr you can repair all)I am renovating this website to be more user friendly.This website have actually been functional for practically 1 year and continuously upgraded! New pages have actually been included and more to come, I Tobias had actually initially planned to create this website to a centre for individuals that wan ´ t a various and brand-new buying experience and at the exact same time an aid for affiliate and blog site ´ s











There is a shopping section at location The store It is a very good idea for you affiliate store owners out there to place an product ad here!?Yes you get a free backlink + the most powerful 4month ad, it is a very long time wow.The pictures that is provided get´s through alt tag,then shared to google pictures and you also get a pinterest ad as a bonus not all get this if we have to many ad´s to place we don´t have the time therefore it is an extra bonus !Hope you understand:)


For the customers these products are from people just like you who is trying to earn a living through the web and it is totally safe! ! ! Why ? well They are affiliates to big companies like etsy,ebay,amazon and aliexpress if you get redirected to them you know they are okay!


There is also private products on sale for you on The store they will be marked in the future for easier reference to our buyers !There is a new page i am working on right now that will have a lot more power and a lot more articles it is our sister site


Lsi kw:


Keywords used :





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Latest News on Shop Am 2015nov14


In the message box above just send your url and what picture you want us to download and we will do it for you:)


It is very hard to make it as an artist today so why not get this wonderful opportunity and add your URL and point us to the picture you had in mind for us to pick out:)Happy holydays to you all !



2015 dec6 1month ad

Our Website caters to the adult professional market. Business Opportunities (work from home), Men Health and Fitness, Women Health and Beauty and what we call the Market Place that display a host of products and merchandise for the individual, family and home.

tech news

2016 one month ad

9To5 TechNews keeps you in the know with the latest news in Tech and Gaming. We're a site that loves to hear for others on what they think of the latest trends in Tech and gaming new. Its why we do what we do.

half rain
aff teach
cleance diet
home working business
terris celeb

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2015okt 9 1month ad

Have you lost your phone and you are worried that personal information might be compromised? Do you want to use public WiFis securely, without your data being intercepted? Do you want to know how to securely store private pictures and files? Are you using applications which require GPS, but you don't want to reveal your real location? In today's world our entire life is on a smartphone and having our data compromised might have serious repercussions for us and our family. Most of the privacy and data breaches are possible due to simple avoidable mistakes. If you are a smartphone user you need to protect your privacy. Join “Secure your mobile device and your privacy” class at " and you will be given simple solutions to real problems. The class is aimed at beginners and the solutions presented are very easy to implement for a novice.


online tools

2015sep27 1month ad

Markets Life Event Legal Plans in the U.S. and Canada - unexpected legal questions arise everyday! Our IDShield provides privacy and security monitoring, consultation, and Comprehensive Identity Restoration from Kroll. (All Areas of Identity Theft)


CDL and Small Business Plans


Contact Information Available on my website


2015dec1 4month ad

Liljellybeans is a fabulous upscale resale site that focuses on baby and kid clothes, toys and items. It’s the perfect site for busy moms who want to buy and sell high-quality, gently-used kids clothes, toys and items quickly and easily. You’ll find name brand clothes for your kids at a fraction of the retail cost. Use coupon code LOOK4LESS to receive free shipping.


2015okt 3 1month ad

You can take one from my site.

Text: Just search there for sheer pleasure. Compare all travel site to find the best hotel deals. is a provider of hotels accommodation worldwide . Offering over 5Millions hotels deals in more than 120.000 destinations we don’t sell anything. Like TV channels, radio stations, or other search engines, we charge advertisers to be shown on


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